Gaming Goes X-rated

I remember in the infancy of internet gamers like me would look around for nude patches for various video games. It would be a huge turn on to play a game and have the female characters either nude or in some exceptionally skimpy and revealing outfits. Most of the time these nudity patches or mods usually where pretty crude and limited but it was all we had lol!

Games like Tomb Raider and some of the big name fighting games like Dead Or Alive, Streetfighter and Teken all were big on hot female characters in sexy outfits. It’s gotten to the point where all the bouncing breasts and skin on show has nearly turned some of these games into softcore porn. One might argue they are merely giving the player what they demand.

These days I am not interested in those titillating video games with bikini babes bouncing around. There are now true x-rated games that have nothing to do with fighting bad guys or volleyball lol. These games are very much adult only and the action is limited to only what your dirty little mind can conjure up.

sexy video game girls

One such game called Sexvilla lets the player turn into a digital Hugh Hefner of sorts. They can go to a nicely laid out character creation module and go about making their own little playmates and dressing them up or down in all manner of sexy outfits. Many players into this porn game like to really cut loose with their fantasies and set about making girl/s that look like someone in the real world they want to hook up with. This really adds up to some with some time and effort and a little imagination (or dirty mind hehe).

Likewise there are options galore to aid in your love making too once you have selected your characters and taken them away to the fantasy setting of your choice. Various props and other elements can spice things up too.

Truth be told this game can make you lose hours! It’s pretty addictive and fun once you get into it and you can soon find yourself looking at the clock and wandering where the time went.